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This series follows the life of Lazarus, a troubled story teller and a recovering heroin addict. Lazarus is a playwright that sells weed to fund and produce his plays on the many theater stages of NYC. As the series progresses we see Lazarus climb up the ranks as both playwright and drug dealer. "I sell weed to support my art habit" says Laz

Miguel comes home from prison after an eight year stay to be the father he always wanted to be to his now 15 year old son. But within 24 hours of his release everything changed.

The story of a dreamer who looses his temper one day at work and hits his boss. Now he has the choice of jail or psychiatric treatment. He chooses treatment and is given a so-called "wonder drug" and we are shown the reality of the terrible side effects of becoming a human guinea pig.

A US Marshal realizes all too soon that he is fighting on the wrong side of the law. Tired of the corruption he decides to head an underground organization, regardless of the constant battle to avoid being shutdown by his ex-partner.

A man leaves his mundane job in order to pursue something more fulfilling. Little does he know he is about to step into a world of professional thievery and the price he will pay for it.